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Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil

25.00 CHF
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Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil

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Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil For your health Hemp seeds has the highest quality of nutritional and physiological oilseeds. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12. With hemp seed and oil which provides the organism with all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids which cannot be provided by itself. They act as cholesterol-lowering and prevents the cardio-circulatory diseases, provides a good metabolism and etc. What makes hemp seed oil so important Hemp seed oil is particularly rich in unsaturated fatty acids (90%) which is very important for the human body. This is particularly the essential fatty acids linoleic acid (50-60%) and alpha-linolenic acid (15-20%), and to emphasize that this occurs only in a few edible oils, and this is probably the uniqueness of the nature. Hemp seed oil is the most valuable edible oils with its total balanced composition of fatty acids.15-20 grams of hemp seed oil is sufficient to cover completely the daily requirement that a person needs of essential fatty acids. With the daily intake of food with hemp seed oil protects us against a variety of metabolic and atherosclerotic vascular disease and thus in particular from cardiovascular diseases, the current study to include a disproportionate amount of saturated fat and trans- fatty acids are recycled through the nutrition. Hemp seed oil is with these composition is not only a particularly high quality nutritional food is, there are in addition a number of therapeutic applications. Long-chain polyunsaturated n-3 and N-6 fatty acids, including omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids referred to as contained in the hemp oil, a beneficial effect of exercise on various metabolic processes, both for a healthy diet and for the treatment of various diseases can be used. Alpha-linolenic acid in fish oil have comparable effects and therefore can be used therapeutically for cardiovascular diseases and chronic inflammation. Hemp is among the very few oil plants whose seeds contains gamma-linolenic acid (2-4%). Lack of Gamma- linolenic acid, which is formed in healthy people the body can lead to serious diseases. In such cases, gamma-linolenic acid, can positively influenced in various disease. These include atopic dermatitis, only to name the most important areas - premenstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetic neuropathy etc.

This Product was added to our catalogue on Saturday, 18. March 2006.

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